Listing Products Manually

To list products manually head over to Products by clicking the label icon in the main menu. Then press My Listings and Create New.

In order to be able to publish the product you need to fill out all required fields. You can also save the listing as a draft and finish it later.


Product Image

The product image should clearly show your product, making it easy for any potential customer or eSeller to see what the product is. We require this image to be on a white background.

The best file type for images is JPEG. Images can have a maximum size of 2MB. However, make sure the images have good quality and high resolution, as we remove product listings that don't meet our quality standards.

Cover Image

This is how the product will be displayed on Outshifter, for users looking for products to sell. We recommend using a photo with a non-white background, for instance a campaign or lifestyle image. A high quality cover image will have your product appear higher in searches on Outshifter.

Gallery Images

Here you can upload additional images of the product.

Product Info


The name of your product. We recommend using a short title. Don't put product descriptions in the title such as colours and sizes.


Select the channels you allow eSellers you've connected with to sell your products. Simply press the toggle next to the channel icon to switch a channel on or off.


Describe your product in detail to inform your eSellers and customers. This area uses a rich text editor so that you can format your text. If the product can be sold and purchased in several countries, the title and description should be in english.


Categorization helps eSellers better filter, search and find your products on Outshifter. A product can have only one Main Category and one Subcategory. Select the categories for your product from the dropdown menu. Can't find one that fits? Select the one that is the closest to your product category, or simply select Other.


Retail Price

The price that you're charging the final customer for the product.

Sales Commission

The percentage of the Retail Price earned by and transferred to the eSeller when a purchase is completed. A standard sales commission on Outshifter usually falls between 15% and 45%. However, the sales commission can be set based on your own margins and preferences.


The revenue you are left with after the Sales Commission is deducted.


Total Inventory

Enter the Quantity of units you have in stock. A minimum quantity of 3 units is required.

Allow selling if stock is empty - You can check this field if you can take new orders for a product even if the stock is currently empty.

SKU (stock keeping unit)

The code that identifies the product within your business. For effective tracking and sales reporting, each SKU needs to be unique.


(Recording of adding a variation - Size - S,M,L)

If the product comes in multiple variations you can add them by selecting: This product comes in multiple versions, like different sizes or colors.

Option Type - Create a name for a new variation of the product, like Size or Colour.

Option Values - add different values for the variation, like; Blue, Green and Black.

You can add more than one Option, and the different options will be automatically combined to create unique variants.

Shipping and delivery

Shipping Countries

By default this list includes the countries you selected when signing up for Outshifter. To remove a country, simply click the X mark next to it. You can always add more countries from the dropdown menu.

Shipping Price

Is the price the customer must pay for the delivery. We currently only offer to use flat rates. You can also check the Custom prices for each country, to set unique prices based on the countries you ship to.

Saving as draft

Want to finish setting up the product listing later? Simply press the Save as Draft button. The product listing will be saved as a draft. You can access your drafts at any time from the Products section of the platform. Go to My Listings, then press Drafts.

Publishing the Product Listing

Simply press the Publish button on the top right of the form to publish the product listing on Outshifter. This means the product will appear in searches on Outshifter. Remember only eSellers you've connected with can sell your products and export them to their sales channels.

Please note that if you have not yet been verified, pressing the publish button will automatically initiate the verification process. As soon as you are verified the product will be automatically published.

Editing a Published Listing

To view and edit published product listings, make sure you are in the Products section of the platform. Then go to My Listings and select Published. Click on the product you want to edit and make the desired changes and click Update. Please note that you can't save a published listing as a draft. You must either Update or Delete it.

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