The Outshifter platform consists of a few elements, found in the main menu.


This is your profile. Here you can find and manage all the products you have saved, (in addition to the product listings you have published on Outshifter, if you are a Brand).

The products on your profile can easily be published on the Sales Channels you have connected with Outshifter. Like your Shopify storefront or Instagram account.


On your feed you will find all updates and notifications related to your Outshifter activities.


Here you can search and browse for other users to connect with, to build your own sales network. You only have access to save products published by users (Brands) in your network.

From the Requests tab, you can manage requests to connect from other users. You can decide to dismiss or accept any request.

From the My Connections tab, you can view and manage all the connections in your Sales network.


Browse all the products published on Outshifter. Use the filters to optimize your search and find the products you are looking for.

You can save products to your profile or add them to your sales channels directly, but first you must connect with the user (Brands) that published them on Outshifter.

If you are a brand and want to list your products on Outshifter, you can click the My Listings button in the top right corner. From the My Listings page you can create and manage your product listings or synchronise products with your current eCommerce solution.


Here you can view and manage all your orders. Both for products you have saved from other users and sold to customers on your own Sales Channels, and the orders generated by the eSellers in your network, selling your products for you.


Our analytics provide you with valuable insights. From what products are selling the best, to your overall profits and best the connections in your network.

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